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The move of the Wailing Women Worldwide is essentially a call to prayer.

It is the Lord Himself raising a Global Army of Spirit-filled women to labour in fervent intercession for the cleansing and unity of the universal church and the redemption of the Nations of the world until “the Kingdom of the world become the Kingdoms of our God and of His Christ and He will reign forever”. It is an apostolic and a prophetic move of God.

Why We Wail

God is calling for tears of true repentance from the hearts of people in all the nations of the world. Although the Bible says that He will show mercy on whom He will show mercy, people still have to repent of their sins. As people repent of their individual and national sins and fervent prayers are offered up before the Lord, God will show mercy, but His judgment will fall on wickedness and unrighteousness. Those who truly repent and turn away from sin will be saved—(John 3:3). See Acts 2:28

The building of the City of Refuge is an assignment given to the Wailing Women Worldwide by God.“This city is not for man, but for God” 1 Chronicles 29:1 A 44.475 hectare of land was acquired in the suburbs of Port Harcourt Nigeria, in Abara Etche for this project. The Perimeter fencing has been completed and preparations are on-going on site to host the 16th International Conference of the Wailing Women Worldwide.

The vision of this work is global and membership is open to all true believing Christian women from all works of life, all strata of society. It is multicultural, multilingual, multiracial and multi denominational. At the global level from inception, the move

has been coordinated by a collegiate leadership of 12 International Coordinators. The emphasis is on teamwork and the ultimate aim is to equip servant leaders who can do God’s work God’s own way.

So far teams of wailing women have carried God’s messages to over 100 nations across the globe.

This Apostolic and Prophetic move of God started in Port Harcourt in May 1998 with a cry from God’s heart to His daughters concerning the spiritual state of the Church and the Nigerian nation. Through prophetic utterance, the Lord specifically asked that women be raised from the 36 states of Nigeria (across denominational boundaries) to intercede for the church and the nation. He promised that if women came before Him in true repentance, He would avert the impending judgment on the nation and after that He will begin to send them to other Nations of the world.From the first mobilization effort, the women have held several solemn assemblies in the regions and Nations around the world