I am Preparing the Church

Come in properly and fortify yourself.
Put on the garment of righteousness from the crown of your head, for the battle is fierce.
Unrighteousness must bow and My glory must prevail.
No storm can quench My fire and My glory.
My fire is burning.
The Church of Jesus Christ must grow.
I see a blue flame of fire coming up.
This is the season to put your faith to work.
The Church is marching on.
If you are here today and there tomorrow you will be left behind.
Nothing can set the Church back any longer.
I am preparing the Church for the Rapture.
The Church will turn around to My glory.
The Church cannot be covered.
Jesus, the head of the Church is leading.
Every gate is giving way.
The Church is marching on; the rapturable Church.
What manner of man ought we to be?