Major on Discipleship

Turn wherever you are into a pulpit; spread the Gospel.
It is only the Gospel that liberates and sets the captives free.
Contaminated messages have no power to deliver: it is only the message of truth that can liberate men from sin.
It is time to share the Gospel.
I do not wish mass production in the Church, I want DISCIPLES.
Disciples have a LONG LIFESPAN.
Only Disciples can bring Church Growth.
Only Disciples can stand the test of time.
Disciples are not miracle seekers.
Disciples are Proof Producers.
Go and make Disciples of all Nations.
I do not say, ‘Go and mass produce all Nations’
I say, “Go and make disciples of all Nations”
Only true Disciples can bring Transformation and turn the world upside down.
Disciples produce their kind.
They do not build empires, they build the Kingdom.