You are a Soldier

Be courageous.
Do not faint, do not be weary.
I want you to rise up in strength.
Let the feeble knees be strengthened.
Don’t you know that you are in a battle front always?
You have to be sensitive always and alert.
In the forefront, do not allow bullet to locate you.
When the enemy shoots an arrow, he targets the front liners.
For this reason, you have to be always on alert that the dart of the enemy will not locate you.

Always be in your bullet-proof attire so no arrow will locate you.
When it does, you become a wounded soldier and are wheeled out from the warfront till you are healed.
Dodge the arrow, do not allow it locate you.
Always be on your guard and wear your weapon of warfare.
Always be in your uniform on guard at all times and moments.
Have you forgotten that the enemy can make a general a civilian?
When your uniform is stained, it is removed.
When the bullet perforates,
it is removed and you are turned to a civilian,
for there is no soldier that comes to the battle-front without a uniform.
Always wear your uniform.
Be battle-ready at all times,
When your bullets are finished,
call Me to equip you and put bullets in your armoury.
Do not stay without bullets.
Make sure there are always bullets in your armoury.
It is when a soldier has exhausted his bullets that he will begin to run away from the place of battle because he is empty and there is nothing for defence at that time, to wage war and attack the enemy.
All he is doing is running for self defence.
Therefore always ensure there are bullets so that at no time will you turn your back to the enemy. That you will always terrorize the enemy.
At any point, when there are no bullets a soldier can surrender.
Cork your gun.
Begin to trigger, chase your enemy and put your adversary to flight.
Do not accept defeat.
Wake up from spiritual slumber.
Rise up and put up strength and advance.

Mean every word you speak.
It’s not every time you go out you are afraid.
There are some wearing civilian attire but today God will kit you.
From today dress like a soldier.
Speak the Word that terrorise the kingdom of darkness.
SPEAK for the kingdom of darkness knows when you are afraid and when you have the power.
Speak authoritatively, speak with boldness.
Speak My words not your own words.

Tell every soldier of the cross to always be in their spiritual uniform,
that they will not be mistaken for civilians.
They should kit out and be always in their uniform.
A soldier is known by his or her uniform.
Anyone that is not in uniform is a civilian.

There are many soldiers that are wounded.
Heal and recuperate wounded soldiers.
They should sum up courage to return.
They will not go defeated.
Help them to bounce back and continue the race until the journey is over.