You Are My Trumpeters

(Joel 2:1)
Blow the trumpet in Zion;
sound the alarm on my holy hill.
Let all who live in the land tremble,
for the day of the LORD is coming.
It is close at hand

I see children with trumpets in their mouths.
These trumpets are pointed to North, South, East and West.
Everyone is with a trumpet and a song is being sang.
Tell My Children to live by the confession of My word.
By everything that comes out of My mouth.
There are doubts and fears in the hearts of many.
They confess Me with their mouth, but do not believe Me in their hearts.
Their hearts believe a different thing.
I want the mouth and the heart to correspond.
I want a link of the mouth and heart.
I am tired of those who confess Me with their lips but their heart is different.
I am tired of lip worshipers, and of empty confessions, I am tired of lip praise.
I am tired. I am looking for those that will believe Me and trust Me as God.
Not those whose hearts are far from Me.
They have a form of religion but deny the power thereof.
I am fed up with such.