Do Not Limit My Power

I want joy and praise that will loose every bondage.
As you do, I will loose the captives, chains and bonds, and bring healing.
I want to rise on this praise to bring healing.
Many should expect healing.
I am coming to heal emotional pain and pain in the heart.
My people should let go of hurts.
People are carrying loads, but I want to remove the loads so they will serve Me with joy
I don’t want people to go this time limiting My power.
But I want them to be people of My power.
I have made them to be people of My power
To show forth My glory and power.
Before they show My power, I want to remove that which brings weakness and limit My power.
How can they call on My Name and live in bitterness and anger?
I want them to come in reverence.
I want to heal their emotional trauma.
Will they allow me to go to the theatre and remove the things that limit My power and water down My power in their lives?
I want to deal with it because My people come with makeups and cover ups.
I am the one that heals and I know what is in the heart.
I want the heart to be transparent so I will see through it.
Many of My people have opaque hearts.
I want a heart that is transparent.
Many people are asking Me questions.
I am willing to answer their questions.
I will answer, but they have not come to My Zion.
Let my people come to Me with a heart of gratitude.
For there are many things I have done.
I have done a lot for them.
Let them come with thanksgiving.
I need appreciation from every heart – an appreciative merry heart.
I have launched you into a higher level.
I am launching you into My favour – into a new level of grace.
I want to see you in the form and way of the APOSTLES.
Exhibit the examples of my early Apostles.
For in this season I am releasing APOSTOLIC MANDATE upon you – learn what it is.