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Our Global Structure

The leadership of the Wailing Women Worldwide is subject to the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit. He is the initiator of the move.
For the purpose of effective coordination of the work of the Wailing Women Worldwide there exist the following levels of coordinators:

International Coordinators
A collegiate leadership of 12 women is responsible for the Global coordination of the work.

Continental Coordinators
Oversee their respective continents.

Sub-Regional Coordinators
Coordinate the activities of sub-regions within their continents.

National Coordinators
Oversee the activities of the ministry at the national level in their respective countries.

Regional Coordinators
Exist to coordinate the activities of Wailing Women in the different regions in their respective Nations.

Provincial/State Coordinators
Coordinate the work in their provinces or states.

County/Borough/ Local Government Area Coordinators
Take charge of the work of Wailing Women Worldwide in their respective Local Government Areas, Counties and Boroughs etc.

City Coordinators
Coordinate activities and programmes relating to the city.

Church Coordinators
Coordinate the work in churches with wailing women groups.

Each group of Coordinators reports to the next level of Coordinators immediately above them.