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City of Refuge Brochure

“This City is not for man, but for God” 1 Chronicles 29:1

The City of Refuge is an assignment given by God to the Wailing Women Worldwide. He specifically asked the women to build this City for Him.
The Lord instructed that The City of Refuge be patterned after the Kibbutz System in Israel. This led the Leadership of the Wailing Women Worldwide to do a 3 day intense
practical course on the Kibbutzim System at the Weitz Center for Developmental Studies, Rehovot, Israel.

The Weitz Centre has a vast experience in settlement establishment that includes integration of the economic, social and organizational aspects. The Leaders did working tours of 2 Kibbutz, met and interacted with founders and early settlers of the Kibbutz. It was decided that the establishment of The City of Refuge must reflect the multi-dimensional nature of the venture, and must be multi-targeted. The implementation has to extend across different disciplines and must encompass demographic, economic, social and institutional aspects.
This City will be a place that will gather the Body of Believers in Nations for solemn assemblies to repair their individual, city, national and continental altars. It will be a place of beauty; not merely the beauty of exqusite flowers and lawns and parks, structures, trees and landscapes and brooks; but much more a place of beholding the beauty of the holiness of The Lord, and the beauties of the visions of heaven. A place of the Presence of The Lord.
The City of Refuge will be a resort for families, a getaway for newly weds and people in need of relaxation. It will offer a serene environment as a retreat centre for people who desire to have special time with The Lord.

It will also be a place where people can meet with children of God from different parts of the world and share fellowship and blessings of The Lord. Strict and quiet, individual privacy will be preserved. It will be a place for people to acquire knowledge and relevant skills to bless others. It will be a place of spiritual refreshment for believers; physically, mentally and emotionally. It will be a place where Godly values are taught, encouraged and spread into the world to produce transformation in society. A place where people are motivated to accomplish great things for The Lord.

The City Of Refuge

What we hope to achieve through the City of Refuge Project:
Through the City of Refuge Project, we hope that as many who come will have a divine encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. Also we envision the following:
• Transformation of lives.
• Strengthening of the Prayer Life of Christians.
• Healing of broken lives through rehabilitation.
• Raising disciplined and godly leaders for the next generation through good education.
• Opportunity for investors to set up cottage industries which will create jobs for people in the community.
• Building a healthy and balanced society through recreation.
The City of Refuge will be located in a serene environment at ABARA in Etche Local Government Area of Rivers State of Nigeria. It is about thirty minuites drive from the
Port Harcourt International Airport Omagwa. It covers over 400 acres of virgin land with trees and wonderful vegetation. It is within the range of the Port Harcourt Mega City Project.
( A Satellite Site of the Refuge City Project will be located at Ngbella Ndele along the East West Highway in Emuoha LGA of Rivers State)


The City of Refuge is to be a Kibbutz-styled development patterned after the kibbutz systems in Israel. Thus it is to be mostly a self-sustaining facility/community. It would accommodate the following facilities/ activity spaces:
(5,000 Seater)
(Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary)
(Agriculture, Bank, Shopping Plaza, Hotel, Etc.)

What Would The City of Refuge Offer
” …He went forth with his disciples over the brook Cedron, where was a garden, into which He entered and his disciples……..” (John 18:1-2).
he City of Refuge will be a self-supporting International Center, a melting pot for people from many Nations. People and organisations from different Nations of the world
would be involved in the Project. It will be a Global Village. It will have the following in a well planned layout:
1. A 5000 Seater Amphi-Theatre/Convention Centre: This multipurpose auditorium will be designed to seat over 5,000 persons and will be used for events such as Conferences,
Christian Concerts and programmes. It will have Seminar Halls, Conference Rooms, Shops, Restuarants, Conveniences, Administrative Offices, etc.
2. Administrative/Personnel Building: For Administrative Purposes.
3. A 24 Hour Prayer Tower/Chapel: A place of Worship for all believers.
4. Resource Centre and Library: The Bible says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge”.There is a dearth of the most valuable asset which is knowledge, wisdom and
understanding that enables one to live as a true disciple of Christ and make positive changes in our society. This Centre will house a State of the Art Library, with modern
technology, communication gadgets, Offices, Book Store, Cafe, provide Internet Services and Conference Rooms for people to have access to training materials and relevant
information on how to become godly and effective leaders in this generation.
5. A Prayer Garden: The garden is used in Scripture as an ideal meeting place between God and man. There was a garden in Eden, called the Garden of God (Ezekiel 28:13). It was a
place where the first Adam was allowed to dwell and to have fellowship with God.
Jesus also resorted to the garden with His disciples. What does that say to us? We need a prayer garden where we can resort “often times” like our Lord. A place of prayer.
6. Educational Facilities: The City will have Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions that will provide quality education with core Christian values and academic
excellence aimed at developing students to their fullest potentials and raising effective and godly leaders of tomorrow.
7. Health Centre: As the saying goes, “health is wealth”. We know we can only serve God and our generation better when we are in good health. There will be modern and fully
equiped Health Facilities to meet various health needs.
8. Recreational Centre: The Recreational Center will provide Sporting Facilities, equipments for Aerobics, Swimming Pool, Lawn Tennis Court, Indoor Games and Movie Theatre
(for Educational and Christian movies).

9. Cooperative Ventures: There will be provision for the establishment of various commercial ventures such as, a shopping complex that will provide various goods and services for
people at the Centre. There will be Restaurants, other catering services and storage facilities. Opportunities abound for various agricultural projects to ensure adequate food supply in
the city. Food production is a top priority and the farms at the City of Refuge will serve the purpose of producing food such as fruits, vegetables and other food crops. The city will have
a livestock production section (poultry, fish farming, snailery etc). The Agricultural sector will also serve as a pilot centre for training interested persons and community based
organisations on improved agricultural practices for food and live-stock production, food processing (e.g. Garri processing) and post harvest management. This will create job
opportunities and will also be an income generating activity for the community.
10. Rehabilitation Centre: Many people who have experienced the trauma of mental, spiritual or physical abuse need a place where they can receive prayer and proper counseling to
overcome the challenges they face and adjust to the new life they have found in the Lord. This Centre will serve as a place for such broken men and women who were drug addicts,
teenage mothers, divorcees etc. Christian counselors will be available at the Centre to assist them renew their minds through prayers, counseling and other relevant activities. As
many as pass through this center will be transformed and become better individuals who will contribute positively to the society.
11. Skills Acquisition Centre: For financial empowerment, people in the community and other users will be trained to acquire relevant skills that will be income generating. The Skills
Centre will provide opportunity for women and youth to acquire Information Technology and Vocational Skills in vocations such as weaving, sewing, catering, hat-making, carpentry,
hair dressing etc.
12. Residential Area: Accommodation will be provided for the staff. There will be Hotels, Guest Houses, Hostels and Dormitories for those who will come into the City for events,
retreats, family and personal outings.
13. Orphanage: The Center will be a place where abandoned babies, orphans, fatherless and vulnerable children are taken care of, educated and given a home.
14. Home for the Elderly: The elderly need care and support. The city will provide a place where the elderly, will reside and be cared for.
15. Information Center and Studio: There will be a studio at the Refuge City for Media programmes-Television, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines. The City will also have a
Generating Plant to ensure that there is steady power supply.
16. Police Station and Fire Service: This is to ensure the security and safety of lives and properties. The City of Refuge will offer opportunity for individuals to build personal houses.
These houses will be built according to the specification for the City.
Management of the City: Coordinators of the Wailing Women Worldwide in collaboration with competent Estate Consultants.

Phasing Of The Project:
The Project will be done in phases

Phase One:
Packaging of the City of Refuge Project Proposal. This involves developing a comprehensive Brief and detailing what the city would comprise of.

Phase Two
• Acquire over 100 acres of land in Rivers State
• Land Survey
• Processing of land documents, (papers, title deeds from the relevant government authorities).
• Clearing, peripheral fencing

Phase Three
Professional Consultancy design and documentation (Architecture, Structures, Mechanical, Electrical, Quantity Surveying, etc.)

Phase Four

  1. • Commencement of construction in phases


Prophetic Word about The City of Refuge:
“Do not belittle Me in this business. It is a BUSINESS. How you take Me is how I will be to you.
I will do things that will surprise men. All I Am looking for is FAITH. Can I trust you to go with Me to any length?
If you prove that you are trustworthy and believe Me for what I can do, I will go to any length with you.
It is for My glory. How I will do it shall be a mystery.
My daughters, there shall be no compromise, know that it is a business and I need fidelity.
I will make a way for you even in difficult places and in hard times.
I see very big pillars in the realm of the spirit. Mighty pillars!!!
My Business is urgent. Send urgent signals to Nations and individuals. Message of urgency to USA, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Middle East etc, to all locations.
It shall be one of your WONDERS in Africa!!! Your eyes shall see it”.
Whisper it in the hearts of men.