Ministry Arms

Ministry Arms


Facilitators are an arm of Wailing Women Worldwide called by God to reach a certain class of people, and affect their lives positively for God.

Wailing Daughters and Sons

Wailing Daughters and Sons are God’s global army and succession plan, raised to bring positive change in their environment; on campuses, schools, the marketplace and the society through prayer and their exemplary lifestyle.

Wailing Widows

Wailing Widows is an arm of Wailing Women Worldwide. Membership is free of all charge and open to all widows of Wailing Women Worldwide.

Husbands Aglow

Husbands Aglow is God's instrument for reaching and building men of integrity, passion, and commitment to support the mandate of Wailing Women Worldwide for the community of Nations through prayers, financial resources and the uplifting of women and children.