In January 2003, the Lord said these words to us:

I am raising a confrontational army, to confront and counter the effects of the powers of darkness. An army that will fight and recover the lost grounds; an army that will take over territories, lives and people groups. An army I will use as My workforce. An army I can depend on. An army that will not disappoint Me. An army that will run and move fearlessly in power, integrity and wisdom. An army I will use to demonstrate My power to the kingdom of darkness. An army that will hear My voice and whose voice I know and hear. An army that can march against the sophisticated weapons of the world in the Name of the Lord God Almighty; the Name above all names. At the mention of this name demons bow, and all tongues confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the Glory of the Father. I am raising a formidable army, a committed army, a self-reliant army, a self-sacrificing and devout army: an army that will not take sides. Will your anchor hold?

You are my battle axe (Words from the Father’s Heart volume 4)

Let your hands be strengthened in battle for I will use you to fight battles and I will conquer. Be not afraid of the raging of the storm, neither focus on the turmoil and billows of the water for there is an echo of the voice of the Lord saying to every ragging storm, “Peace Be Still”. Don’t waver in your heart. The cross seems heavy for you but look around, I have given you those that will help you to carry the cross. I have released the Joseph of Arimathea that will help you carry the cross. The cross may seem heavy but I have released those that can volunteer to carry the cross. Don’t be afraid for I am and I will be with you to keep you and uphold you with My right hand of righteousness. I have gone through the agony of grief, I have bled and suffered for your sake. Hold on to the evidence of My suffering. Remember the grief I bore for you; hold on to the price I paid for you. Hold on, I have paid the price for you need no other price or agony to bear, or grief to go through and bear. For I bore it and suffered it all for your sake. Hold on to that sacrifice which I made on the cross. It is for you. Hold on. It is not negotiable. I have triumphed. I will lead you from one level of victory to another, from one success to another. I will lead you.