Facilitators are an arm of Wailing Women Worldwide called by God to reach a certain class of people, and affect their lives positively for God.

A facilitator is anyone who has a heart to serve Jesus Christ, and is willing to be used by God as a channel to do His work to His praise and glory.

A facilitator is one who serves joyfully in any capacity to ensure that God’s kingdom purposes are accomplished.

A facilitator has a deep personal relationship with God, seeks His presence and fellowship, and relies on His spirit to direct and lead the way, accomplishing His plans and purposes by walking in obedience.

Mandate of a Facilitator

  • To support God’s work
    God spoke through prophetic words to Wailing Women Worldwide that He is raising Facilitators to support the work as He did with Aaron and Hur in the Bible.
  • To prepare vessels to take over
    God is preparing vessels of honour to carry out His assignments in these end times. He wants to groom and tutor women, to solidify them to stand for the purpose of God wherever He places them.
  • To Minister Healing, speak peace and show love to the hurting, to be a channel of His healing balm.
  • To be solution providers.
  • To gather the needy, orphans and destitute, to bring comfort and succour to them from God.
  • To be burden bearers.

He is calling you!

God is calling you to come as you are, to be moulded and equipped to be an effective facilitator for His end time work. His time is now; it’s time for you to come.