Men Aglow

Men Aglow


Developing men with passion to be role models in their Homes, Communities and Nations.

Mission Statement

Men Aglow is the instrument in reaching and building men of integrity, passion, and commitment to support the mandate of Wailing Women Worldwide for the community of Nations through prayers, financial resources and the uplifting of women and children.

Value Statement

Serving with integrity and passion for the love of humanity.

The Mandate (Objectives)
  1. Top priority is to influence their families positively through prayers, training and disciplined family leadership for the purpose of uplifting their self-esteem.
  2. Reaching out to the Nations where Wailing Women Worldwide have established their presence with the objective of establishing counselling centres, orphanages, old people’s home, medical philanthropies, ICT centres, skills acquisition, rehabilitation centres, scholarship schemes for the youths and capacity building for the less privileged.
  3. Assist in organizing conferences, conventions, summits and seminars of Wailing Women Worldwide with a message on family values and role of fathers as coach in the home.
  4. Providing marriage counselling, reconciliation and rehabilitation of broken families.
  5. Raising and empowering youths worldwide in unity with parents and developing common social ground and a community of dedicated leaders.
  6. Empowering Widows, Orphans and their families to be self-sufficient.
  7. Educating and empowering our wives and children through exchange programmes with youths of other Nations, inter-relating with and learning other cultures and languages, promoting holiday programs with the aim of enhancing world peace and cross pollination of ideas and human development.