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Blogs from the Father’s heart

Blogs from the Father’s heart

Blogs from the Father’s heart

Today we are in a lighter mood,
And I want to teach you several prayer patterns. Watch the pattern of prayer of David.
When you pray, tell Me definite things.
When you make long and winding prayers
Without specific requests, you waste your time.
Why? Because you are praying scattered prayers.
Make specific requests.
Be specific.
Begin to teach yourself how to pray specific prayers.
You should make your prayers specific as you pray for the nations.
When prayer is specific you will know when there’s an answer.

It is a pattern of prayer.
You ask too many things at a time.
You don’t have priority.
You must learn to identify which prayer points
Are priority.
You must realize that I answer definite prayers.
Have you not watched the way I answer prayers?
Are you not observant?
How can you be observant when you have
So many things clustered up?
Put your prayers in sequence.
The woman with the issue of blood was specific.
The Shunamite woman was specific.
Hannah (Samuel’s mother) was specific.
Blind Bartimaeus was specific.
I hear all.
It’s not a matter of hearing all.
It’s a matter of attending to you according to urgency.
I want you to be specific concerning your nation.
Tell Me specific things.
Many keep asking what has been answered;
They cannot observe.
That is why I am saying be specific
so that you will know when there’s an answer.
You keep on throwing your prayers like arrows.
Do you watch where the arrow is going?
Do you care to know if it is hitting at the target?
Or you are wasting the arrows?

The man that came to Jesus pleading
“That I might receive my sight”
Was specific in his prayers.
Learn how to pray.
You do not know how to pray.
Pray with observation and listen.
Learn to pray with meditation.
Pray with reasoning.
Pray with contemplation,
Pray with anticipation.
Pay particular attention to this teaching on prayers.

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