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Progress Reports

Where Are We As At August 2015 ?

A Project Advisory Committee (PAC) has been set up to advice and monitor progress of work on the
City of Refuge.
1. We have keyed into the KIBBUTZ system in Israel as directed by God.
2. An Israeli Resource Team visited in April 2013. The visit involved teachings/trainings on the
concept of the Kibbutz, capacity building, sustainability and collective management. Site
visit and conceptual Architectural Design reviews were also carried out with them.
3. The leadership of Wailing Women Worldwide and some Project Advisory Committee
members had meetings and consultative sessions in Israel with Israelis in September 2013.
4. More extensive interface with the land owners and their families to resolve new
disputes that arose. Negotiations led to a few concessions being made by the major
stakeholders to the land.
5. Phased site clearing of the land had been carried out.
6. A Borehole has been sunk to supply water for the work on site. Water Tank Stand and Site
Storage also installed.
7. A 4 x 4 Hilux project vehicle was donated for use for the project.
nd 8. A formal Ground-breaking (foundation laying) ceremony took place on 2 March 2015.
9. Perimeter Fencing (Phase One) has been set in motion.
10. Architectural /Engineering Working Drawings for the Dining/Assembly Hall (serving the
secondary school) are over 80% completed.
11. Architectural Designs for the other buildings/structures on the complex are still being
12. A Site Supervisor and security personnel have been employed.

General Design Approach

The main features of the Site Layout
design are as follows:
1. Conceptually it is zoned to allow the more public spaces and greatest crowd pullers (e.g. Auditorium/Amphitheatre) to be towards the front (main entrance),
whilst the more private areas (Residences) are towards the rear.
Flow of traffic (vehicular/pedestrian) is therefore from the public to the private areas.

2. A Prayer Tower which is the tallest building on the site, occupies a central position. This positioning carries with it the concept of an Altar to The Living God. God is the pivotal point from whose axis the whole community revolves.

3. There are three (3) major parcels of land totaling about 8 Hectares dedicated to farming. In addition to this
there are smaller portions of land in between various buildings that would also be used for farming.


1. Perimeter Fencing (Phase One) to be taken to advanced stage to secure the property.
2. Construction works to commence on the Dining and Assembly Hall Block (which space allows for flexibility in use).
3. Architectural and Engineering Drawings to be completed for the Prayer Tower and construction to commence after necessary
Statutory Approvals and Permits are obtained. The American team has undertaken to bear all costs pertaining to the Prayer Tower construction.
4. Architectural and Engineering Drawings for other structures to be carried out and construction works on them commenced in phases.
5. Continue to seek more donor and government support.